*** Caterpillar:   As we wrote earlier this year (here) CAT has had 20 consecutive sales declines. Instead of investing in growing its business, R&D or its future, CAT has redirected the
... Falling interest rates tell us that the bond market believes in another lost decade and the Japanization of the American economy to be the new normal which is comprised of low or no growth  that
  Over the weekend Lt. Col Oliver North warned that sources in Iraq believed ISIS was planning a "major attack" against the embassy in Baghdad.     “They know Baghdad. They’ve
  Most economists doubt the U.S. can dodge all harm if the weaknesses overseas mount, creating the potential for a negative feedback loop of soft growth. It's important to note that it was 
***  Market Overview: Gold and oil are rising along with stocks over disputed claims that the European central bank would monetize corporate bonds. .  Exiting Home Sales Surge: Bouncing back from the
. There has been little coverage of a lesser known, but very important in the context of a sell-off:       Margin Debt   Over the last three years, investors have built up unprecedented levels of
. PUNDITitus is a very common disease often found residing in the vocal chords of those in the Fed, Congress and media when they make a claim that that such-and-such policy will create such-and-such
  Each week we look at the technical picture of the major investment markets.  When the Long-Term Indicator moves from Bullish to Bearish or Bearish to Bullish, we will comment on the reasons
. Remember when conventional wisdom was that China would grow forever at double digits?  But then double digits became 9%, 8% and recently we were told that all the growth really needed was  7%  and
. The Dow Jones and Oil prices continue to fall as the S&P 500 climbs with bonds  pushing 10-year Treasury rates down to 2.17%.   Despite its stock repurchasing strategy, which had seen $
  New inflation figures have just been released in China, and show that consumer prices are expanding at their slowest rate in five years. The inflation number, which stands at 1.6%, down from 2
  A group of market watchers, led by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), has signaled the alarm over high yield (junk) bonds.  A handful of large asset managers such as Pimco, Fidelity,
  A lack of liquidity (willing buyers with cash) can readily be linked to the recent market selloff. Liquidity has been hurt by four factors, and all of them helped exacerbate market volatility
. Wall Street’s so-called “fear gauge’, the Vix, has hit fresh highs. The figure, which represents the volatility of share prices as implied by options pricing, reached 24.6 on Monday, its highest
  The stock market has fallen out of bed in the past two weeks. The reason? If you listen to the talking heads, its all from: Ebola, ISIS, Obama, Europe or Oil, etc. - just pick one, blather and
  Faster than airborne Ebola! More powerful than an speeding ambulance! Able to lift contagious patients with a single tug! .  Look, on the tarmac! It's an imbecile! It's a dolt! It's
  Eight European nations are now in outright deflation with four others flat-lining.  According to ZH, inflation expectations for Europe have collapsed to all-time record lows  (based on 5Y
. The Bad News For the partial 4th quarter, stocks worldwide declined.  The S&P 500 Index through yesterday (9/30/14 to 10/15/14) had fallen -5.57%  while International Stocks as measured by the
. Flown the friendly skies lately?   If so, didn't the CDC say Ebola wasn't contagious unless you came into contact with bodily fluids?   Apparently it's otherwise as the CDC is adamant in
  Thing are moving fast - just yesterday we wrote that due to the soon end of QE3, that markets would be just as volatile as they were when QE1 and QE2 ended. (read Here)   Indeed this
  In An Economy Far, Far Away....   ...the Fed wound down its first quantitative easing program in March 2010, but merely one month later -- by the end of April -- the market was in a full-fledged
. *** Market Update: US stocks are slightly higher while Bonds prices much higher driving  10-year Treasury yields to 2.222%. Gold and Silver are both up with Oil getting pummeled as Crude Oil
  Each week we look at the technical picture of the major investment markets.  When the Long-Term Indicator moves from Bullish to Bearish or Bearish to Bullish, we will comment on the reasons
  *** Today the bond markets are closed and US activity will be very light given the Columbus Day holiday but the calendar will pick up tomorrow and beyond with a focus on inflation numbers
  *** The New York Fed has, via its Liberty Street Economics blog, admits that higher interest rates bring higher volatility. The Fed's conclusion, as Helen Thomas notes, is worrisome - low interest
  As of today, there have two violent selloffs this week for one simple reason: There are just three more weeks of POMO (Fed printing money) left after which the Fed's balance sheet does
  A Dallas County sheriff's deputy who went inside the Dallas Ebola victim's apartment last week without protective gear was transported from an urgent care center in Frisco to the Texas
“Adjusted” GDP data reported involves a “deflator” metric that is meant to adjust for inflation. The Feds often use an inflation adjustment that is even lower than their official Consumer Price Index
        The "official" report is        YES - NO - YES   YES!!       Yesterday California Congressman Duncan Hunter, a former Marine Corp Major and member of the House Armed Services
  ***  Market Summary: Commodities are sliding with oil plunging (almost a bear market from June highs) and copper crumbling. The US Dollar is higher with 10-year Treasury yields at 2.38%.  But
  All hopes are now on September for Germany (and Europe).  Held up as example of how an economy should be run, and the all-powerful engine that is supposed to pull the Eurozone out of its deep
  *** Market Snapshot:  Stocks, the US Dollar and oil tumble while bonds rally pushing the 10-year Treasury yield down to 2.39%. *** Europe is now officially in a triple-dip recession causing
  Each week we look at the technical picture of the major investment markets.  When the Long-Term Indicator moves from Bullish to Bearish or Bearish to Bullish, we will comment on the reasons
  Clearly the CDC is incompetent. Remember the reports about the guy with Ebola who vomited outside of his apartment as EMS was taking him to the hospital?  Take a look at these guys using a
Good news? Well kind of but not really.   First the good:  September saw some 248K jobs added in the month, beating expectations of a 215K , with a net prior revision of +69K jobs. And while
  Straight from a microbiologists mouth: "The CDC is asleep at the wheel," Mobley said. "... It's going to be bad, and I want to make sure that this conversation is happening that this could
  *** Europe:  European markets are not pleased with European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi comments. Nothing new or dramatic: Keeps current interest rates, extending current programs and that
  I normally I do not post regarding such matters; however, bear with me to take a few minutes to play a game. Let's play "Are You On The List?"            Fun family
  The Fed has confirmed that QE is ending this month and the markets think the juice will be cut off, but many analysts ask: Can the Fed really stop its printing binge?   While it’s pure
  *** Thus far, Bonds, Oil and Gold are all up while both domestic and international stocks retreat   *** Europe Central Bank To Buy Junk Bonds: The Eurozone’s jobless rate is mired at
  Today the CDC ANNOUNCED that a patient being treated at a Dallas hospital has tested positive for Ebola, the first case of the deadly disease diagnosed in the United States.   Note to
  Since 2009 the markets have been driven by the Federal Reserve injecting trillions into the US economy --- $4.459 trillion through September 24, 2014. The Federal Reserve sets interest rates
As we wrote on September 1st, (here) Russia has already cut natural gas supplies to Poland.  Just a week ago the Russian energy minister made the first public 'threat' of gas supply "throttling" to
  That's right, Oklahoma seems to be the 'ISIS beheader destination of choice.   Jacob Mugambi Muriithi, 30, who was recently fired from his job at a nursing home, threatened to cut her head off
  *** Massive Hong Kong Protest:  Protesters defy calls to disperse and pushback against Beijing’s decision to limit democratic reforms in the Asian financial hub. Massive Protests over the weekend
  Each week we look at the technical picture of the major investment markets.  When the Long-Term Indicator moves from Bullish to Bearish or Bearish to Bullish, we will comment on the reasons
    FBI OFFICIALS ARE investigating the beheading of a WOMAN in .......drumroll.......   OKLAHOMA!! That's right, deep in the heart of the USA and in Moore Oklahoma - the same
  *** Yesterday's Selloff:  Concerns about Russia and Fed speak are among the catalysts for yesterday's plunge in stocks; however, today we find that there's another reason that explains the
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